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Does the vent cap have to be open when fueling a Sun Deck 187?

I've opened the vent and I've left it closed, but nothing seems to allow me to consistently fill my tank...The back pressure shuts me off about 3/4...Only rarely can I get it to F...

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  • lazydaysx4lazydaysx4 USAMember Posts: 16
    edited July 2019
    I have a 2019 sundeck 187 and was advised by the dealer selling me the boat that regular gas pumps found at marinas and gas stations are calibrated with a very high flow rate. Boat gas tanks have a small vet that is unable to keep up with the high flow rate of the pump.  As a result, you will get gas overflow around 3/4 of a tank due to the increased pressure inside the tank. If you start pumping additional gas very slowly, you should be able to achieve a full tank. I am able to top my boat off with a portable 5 gallon gas tank which dispenses the gas at a slow rate.  My gauge reads slightly above a full tank.  Good luck.   
  • sullmatesullmate New Fairfield, Ct.Member Posts: 84 ✭✭
    Yes remove the vent cap when filling this will help getting the gas into the tank. I do this on my 2017 188 ss. No overflow problems .
  • benaltman11benaltman11 USAMember Posts: 3
    I have a 2019 188 SS and same problem. Dealer relaxed sending unit after I demanded them to do so. 3/4 tank is max I can get gauge to read after replacing sending unit. Last fill up I pressed and released fuel handle 20 times very slowly to see if I could get additional fuel in but still only went a tick over 3/4. I will try the 5 gallon can to off before raising **** at dealership again. Very strange that this is a common issue.
  • AngryleprechaunAngryleprechaun USAMember Posts: 7
    I also have a 2019 188 SS.  My issue is that I have to hold the handle and let the gas flow in slowly in order for it not to shut off.  I can fill my tank, but it may take me 20 minutes to pump 15 gallons at the marina.  Doesn't matter if I have the vent cap off or not.  I'm considering purchasing a portable pump to keep at my dock since no one can figure out how to solve this issue.  
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