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Sun Lounger Cushions

I have a 1999 232 Fundeck. I am looking for the sun seat lounge cushions that goes between the two beach seat at bow of boat . Help


  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    Hey Alton...just shoot an email to Jennifer in Hurricane [email protected] and she will hook you up.
  • srodgerssrodgers Member Posts: 2
    Capt_Steve... I too was looking for the same type of cushion for my 2013 211 and I contacted Jennifer as you suggested above.

    Here's her response:

    I am sorry, we are not set up to sell parts direct, so I do not have pricing to pass along.

    Your local Godfrey/Hurricane dealer can assist with this request.

    There are many posts with Jennifer's contact information listed saying to contact her about a particular product. I have 2 issues here. Why would you direct people to Hurricane when they are not equipped to handle such requests? More importantly, why is Hurricane not equipped to handle such requests.

    I am on my second Hurricane and I can honestly say it's the best boat I've ever owned. However, I have tried for years to look up various parts for repair and for upgrade with little to no success. Why isn't there a parts list available to the general public? I understand Hurricane is focused on selling boats and not parts but that's a problem for someone like me. I expect a certain level of service from the manufacturer and unfortunately Hurricane is missing the mark. I will not beg someone to allow me to give them my money and that's what I feel like I'm doing every time I try to buy parts for my boat.

  • cjjjdeckcjjjdeck Northern NJMember, Moderator Posts: 1,478 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm not sure what you mean that Hurricane is focused on selling boats and not parts.  Just like automobile manufacturers, they do sell parts, but they use their Dealer network for owners to obtain them.  Do you find that unusual?  Have you not been able to find a suitable dealer in your area or are unhappy with the one you bought the boat from (I have ordered lots of items through my dealer without a problem)?  I see a lot of posts of people wanting to contact the factory direct for parts, but my first call always goes to my dealer, who accommodates me very well.  If this is not the norm then we need to find out what the problem is.  I understand used Hurricane buyers often will not be buying them from a Hurricane dealer and Hurricane should be advising you of the dealers closest to you when you contact them for assistance.

    Manufacturers that use a Dealer business model are not usually set up (accounting or sales tax wise) to accommodate direct sales to end users (meaning "owners"), they are only set up to sell to re-sellers (meaning "dealers").  I don't take Jennifer's response to mean she (or anyone else at Hurricane) has no interest in helping owners, she's just trying to direct you to the right party to help you.

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  • srodgerssrodgers Member Posts: 2
    It sounds like you agree with me. I would love to see a site like or Both are official sites for Chevy and Mopar parts. You can buy parts directly from and has an extensive list of part numbers and msrp's listed.

    I'm not trying to argue with anyone. I'm simply giving my opinion as someone that's purchased 2 brand new Hurricane boats, that I would be interested in a site dedicated to Hurricane parts and accessories. Even if it was for informational purposes only that listed part numbers, pictures and msrp's. Exactly like the site. CJ, you should check that site out. You might find it educational.

    I am also surprised you did not address my comments about Capt Steve. It's strange you would get so defensive about Jennifer and not confirm Capt Steve should not be directing people to Hurricane to purchase parts. It's not Jennifer's fault an Admin for this forum doesn't know exactly what you stated in your response, that parts can not be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

    For clarity, I'll ask the question again. Why would Capt Steve, a Hurricane Boats Forum Admin, direct people to the manufacturer to purchase parts?

    Again, I love my Hurricane and plan on owning one for years to come.
    Why would you direct people to Hurricane when they are not equipped to handle such requests? - See more at:

  • cjjjdeckcjjjdeck Northern NJMember, Moderator Posts: 1,478 ✭✭✭✭
    No argument taken here, just the opposite, I very much appreciate the discussion.  My biggest concern is that there's a communication issue that needs to be addressed so owners are properly handled by both Hurricane and their Dealers.  

    I do like the Mopar site you mentioned and I think a site like this would help Hurricane sell more parts, I see they direct you to a local dealer to buy the product you're interested in.  I also see that they claim pricing can vary by Dealer (no surprise there).  I think this is a very good suggestion.

    Regarding Capt Steve, he's on the forum and can certainly answer for himself, which I'm sure he will,.  There is still a "newness" to this updated site (which I personally think has improved dramatically already from the previous one) and I'm sure "bugs" need to be sorted out and I'm sure communication in various forms is one of them.

    Regarding Jennifer's response that you stated, my comment in supporting her was only that although she stated she couldn't help you directly, she didn't "dead end" you in your search for parts, she advised you to contact "your", or a Dealer.  If the conversation went further than you posted above, then I might have responded differently.  Regardless, I agree that manufacturer contact people and members of this forum need to be on the same page of expectations.  You haven't mentioned if you did contact a Dealer or what you encountered if you did.  I am just as concerned about that experience as well.  As I stated before, my Dealer experience has been more than satisfactory, which is what I'm hoping you're experience has been too.

    Just to be clear, I appreciated your comments (as I hope you appreciated mine) as discussions like this help to improve everyone's forum experience, also hopefully adds clarity to important issues and gives Hurricane valuable input.

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  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    Hey bad on sending you to Jennifer for this. I work with several of the Nautic Global Brands, and they are set up to sell to public. I couldn't agree more that we need to work on making things EASIER for everyone, especially folks who buy and use Hurricanes. Sounds like there may be some new systems coming down the line, but that doesn't help right now. I'll keep you posted.'s ME that needs my ears boxed for giving out the bad info! Doh!
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