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blue sea systems - add a battery plus system

dremmeisterdremmeister USAMember Posts: 4
edited January 12 in Electrical Discussions
I am adding a 2nd (deep cycle) battery and installing blue sea systems add a battery plus product.  This product is relatively new and includes a dual circuit battery switch and an AC (plug into 110) and DC (use engine alternator) ACR (automatic charging relay).  The install recommends connecting a wire from the blue sea systems ACR to the START POSITION OF ENGINE IGNITION SWITCH <OR> another connection point that has positive voltage applied ONLY WHEN ACTIVELY CRANKING THE ENGINE.  The concept is to protect electronics when CRANKING THE ENGINE.  I have reviewed the service manual/electrical and ignition/electric start circuit.  Not really sure what I should connect this wire to specifically.  Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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