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Transom rebuild

Has anyone here rebuilt a transom on a hurricane deck boat? I have a 1991 Hurricane by Godfrey with Johnson 150 outboard. Motor almost fell off of boat... any ideas on how to approach this repair? Transom is SOAKED where motor mounts. Already took motor off and its like mulch inside transom. Taking it to boat shop will cost me more than the boat is worth so I'm willing to dig in to it. I don't think I can access the inside of transom due to design. I can cut outer skin to get to wood though. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


  • tgipsonhurricanetgipsonhurricane USAAdministrator Posts: 172 admin

    Due to the year of the boat and extend of this repair this would have to defer to a local repair shop for a complete inspection and guidance of this repair process this repair.  A marine surveyor may also be able to advise if it is too far beyond repair.

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