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Water in Ski Locker

I too have water in my ski locker on my 2001 Fun Deck (228 R OB).  The boat was left with me by a neighbor of mine in Cape Coral, Fl who winters here and lives in Minnesota.  I am sea trialing it for purchase when he returns.  It rains a lot here in Florida, and the ski locker has always flooded during rains and was very slow to drain.  Not knowing how the boat is built below the floor of the ski locker is a real problem, because it prevents finding the blockage.  The ski locker drains are simply open holes, as far as I can determine, so the problem is elsewhere.  Yesterday, I drilled another hole in the ski locker directly over the bilge nearer to the center of the ski locker to see what I could see.  Lo and behold, it was completely full of water which I plan to pump out today and measure.  I imagine there could be many gallons which is the equivalent of having another fat man on the boat that I didn't invite.  Additionally, the water is wetting the plyboard of which the ski locker is constructed.  If I can't get to the bottom of the issue and get all that water into the bilge where it should be, I plan to cut a large observation hole in the bottom of the ski locker so I can look into the problem in greater detail. Hopefully, I can then discover and correct the blockage that is surely there somewhere.  Not looking forward to cutting and patching a large enough hole in the bottom of the ski locker to observe beneath it, but I may have to do so to solve this problem that I consider to be very serious with regard to the health of the boat.    FL4995LM


  • FL4995LMFL4995LM USAMember Posts: 8
    Pumped out 45 gallons of trapped water yesterday.  I was dumbfounded.  That equates to 375 lbs of water!  I've got to get to the root cause of this area beneath the ski locker holding water.  Any suggestions about this problem and how to solve it would be very welcomed.  Thanks, JD
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