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I just purchased the Sundeck 2486 and like the boat.  this my 10th boat.  I have an issue with the anchor provided by NJ Outboards as it does not fit the mounting clips in the anchor well.  I am told this is the right anchor and i would have to buy my own to fit.  I bought a fortress #11 but the stock angle does not fit either.  Going back to NJ Outboards and they tell me I have to buy a new anchor from Hurricane.  REALLY   they gave the right one but it doesn't fit the mounting clips --  anyone else having an issue getting a anchor to fit on the Sundeck 2486


  • RaymarRaymar USAMember Posts: 3
    I have the same problem with my 2016. My local dealer is clueless and Hurricane is no help also. I’m going to fabricate pieces of starboard to make reducing plates to remount holders at a narrower opening so a Fortress 7 will hang in locker and shank will clear opening. Stupid engineering again from cheaper boat manufacturers.
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