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2013 SS201 I/O alarm sounding when engine gets much over 300RPM

rholderrholder USAMember Posts: 4
I have a 2013 SS201 I/O with a 4.3L MPI Mercruiser Alpha One Outdrive.  Whenever I open the throttle all the way, I get an alarm and the throttle starts pulsing up and down.  As long as I keep the RPMs down around 3000 or less with just my wife and I on board, I don't get the alarm. If I have 4 or five people on board, then it doesn't matter and the alarm sounds as soon as I get the boat up on plane.  Any help or advice?


  • rholderrholder USAMember Posts: 4
    Checked in with PangBorn Marine in Midland, MI.  I had them look at the boat and they pulled "low oil Pressure" and "low water pressure" messages off of the OBD.  They put Mercury's highest quality synthetic and a racing filter that allowed us to add an extra half quart of oil.  They also put in a new water pump.  The boat runs like a champ now. 46mph on the GPS at WOT.  Just disappointed that I had to winterize and wait for next summer to get the boat out on the lake more.  Planning on putting a lower pitch propeller on next summer so that I can get a little better hole shot.
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