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Sundeck Sport 188 with Yamaha F115TXR OB can't get slalom skier out of the water

Hi, I'm new to this and hope someone can provide good information with all of your experience.
I have a Sundeck Sport 188 with a Yamaha F115TXR OB and it can't get a slalom skier out of the water. The motor is running fine at 5900 rpm and it goes 35mph, but when I start the hole-shot with the skier waiting, the boat takes a long time to plane and so the skier can't get up. For a skier with two skis, there is no problem. The propeller is a 13-1/4 x 17, which seems to be correct, but I'm willing to change it if someone thinks it will be useful. Also, somebody suggested "smart tabs". Anybody have experience with those? it just that I have to accept that we can't slalom with this boat and engine? A short video of the boat running is at


  • sullmatesullmate New Fairfield, Ct.Member Posts: 82 ✭✭
    you are propped correctly. You need more power. I have the same boat with a 150 Yamaha ( 43 mph). I would tell the skier to start on 2 skis and drop one when the boat has planed.
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