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SS 188 fresh water system: how do I access for repair?

cmkeppelcmkeppel USAMember Posts: 3
I have discovered a leak in the fresh water spray hose on my 2012 SS 188. The hose is very stiff, preventing stowage of the spray head. How may I get at the system to replace the hose and correct the water leak?

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  • tgipsonhurricanetgipsonhurricane USAAdministrator Posts: 174 admin
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    you could contact [email protected] for a plumbing layout or reach out to a local dealer for troubleshooting assistance.
  • cmkeppelcmkeppel USAMember Posts: 3
    Accepted Answer
    So, armed with an an arrangement drawing provided by Hurricane Marine, I removed the inspection plates from the engine well and the utility tub from the port side battery compartment, put my head into the battery compartment and looked to the starboard side (the open inspection plates acted as skylights) and was able to see the freshwater tank (FWT) and spray hose! I was then able to reach through the engine well inspection port to retrieve the hose and lift it out for inspection. The leak was located at a splice joint where the feed tube from the FWT is spliced to the spray hose. I will now replace the aged and stiffened spray hose and the connection splice to correct the leakage.


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