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Hour Meter

wiscriver1wiscriver1 USAMember Posts: 2
I just picked up my boat this weekend and during break in I noticed the hour meter resets to 0.0 when the ignition is cycled on/off. The meter is located in the display with the tachometer, fuel gauge etc.  

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  • wiscriver1wiscriver1 USAMember Posts: 2
    Thanks, I will contact them. 
  • lazydaysx4lazydaysx4 USAMember Posts: 16
    My 2019 sundeck also has this issue. The dealer told me they were replacing the gauges in the near future. Does the gauge need replaced or is there something I can do on my end?  
  • lazydaysx4lazydaysx4 USAMember Posts: 16
    Received my new gauge for my 2019 Sundeck 187- Faria part number GTC071 from a local dealer under the warranty.  Very easy to install the new gauge as the wire connection in the rear of the gauge is plug and play and you only have to remove 2 nuts and washers from under the console - it pulls right out the front of the console.  Took the boat out for two hours yesterday and the hour meter worked properly.  
  • chuck24chuck24 USAMember Posts: 3
    funny i have sundeck 2486 and hour meter is not working--  dealer is saying gauge needs replacement.  yet to be done.  they say engine is recording hours.  hmmm
  • chuck24chuck24 USAMember Posts: 3
    just took delivery of new sundeck 2486 August and have punch list of issues--  hopefully NJ Outboards (dealer) will attend to.  i wonder where i can find schematic of fresh water system, holding tank location and wiring systems etc.  attentive boat owner and would like to know how and why. 
    asked for trim tabs but told NOT NEEDED--  my company proved differently this weekend --  any comment from others?
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