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2018 FD 198 OB rain leak

mdevermdever USAMember Posts: 2
I have my boat in a lift in a boat house with no sides. I live in Florida so we got a lot of rain. When it sits for a couple of weeks I check the bilge for water and there isn't any, dropping the boat in the water the bilge fills with what seems like several gallons. The bilge pump does not come on automatically, I have to use the switch on the dash. The boat is covered and I have tried to seal the battery and anchor covers with window foam/plastic window sealer. could rain be getting in somewhere else?  I may try to tape the covers with waterproof tape. I am a  lose here, I like the boat but this is a problem. There may be times I have to leave it in the water with only the cover I am afraid it may sink!


  • FlyingV5FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭
    mdever, does your boat sit with the keel level when it is on the lift? If the bow is low, water will pool in the front of the bilge and then run aft when the boat is dropped into the water. So maybe you are dealing with rainwater? Auto bilge pump is a separate issue, the auto function has its own fuse. 
  • mdevermdever USAMember Posts: 2
    Makes sense, think I'll put a  level on the boat and see if it does tilt forward. It's definitely rain water has to be, it's not in the water. I put new rubber seals in the anchor and battery compartments. I also put silicone around the hatches and put a plastic lip in the front and back openings of the boat and made sure the cover went over them. No other way for the rain to get in..I hope, we have rain the next three days so I will see.  Thanks for your reply.
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