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    Hurricane flotation recall

    I left a reply on another's post, but I'm also starting a new discussion...My 187 SD is part of a recall due to flotation issues as notified by mail...After many phone calls well over a month ago, I was told that my boat is unsafe for use due to an insufficient amount of flotation foam in the hull...Rather than contacting me, I've had to track down a responsible representative to discuss this issue...The weeks go by and the summer is nearly gone and still no one is available to make the required repair...I bought this boat in good faith and after two years of use I've been told the boat Hurricane-Godfrey sold me might be unsafe to operate...I'm more than a little angry! I was told two weeks ago that the repair would happen this week and after texting Doug Rhomberg, 325-864-5910 again this morning he told me that he's "trying" to get me scheduled by the end of August, two weeks away...ARGH!!!


    • simon7281957simon7281957 USAMember Posts: 2
      What year model is your boat?
    • fundeck19fundeck19 Member Posts: 7
    • sullmatesullmate New Fairfield, Ct.Member Posts: 37
      Who is Doug Rhomberg? is he with Godfrey Marine? If so, is he in charge of the recall for the whole country or just a local guy? My boat has been recalled to. No answer from Terry Gipson of Godfrey Marine. Thanks, Sullmate
    • fundeck19fundeck19 Member Posts: 7
      I believe Doug is dealing with Florida issues, but I'm not positive about that...One of my biggest issues with this whole fiasco is Hurricane's reluctance to correspond with boat owners...Unanswered phone calls, little to no attempt to inform or ease our concerns...On a Facebook Hurricane Boating group, an owner posted pictures of the repair procedure...The photos answered some of my concerns, but I still have questions about an after the fact repair...
    • RipcurrentRipcurrent USAMember Posts: 2
      I have a SS188OB and just received a phone call from NJ Outboards today informing me of the recall.  I never received a letter.  Supposedly an engineer from Godfrey is coming next week I'm guessing to teach the technicians on how to install these repair kits.  Can you post a link to the facebook page for the installation photos?  i'm interested in seeing how this is going to work.  Also how is the Coast Guard is handling any boats they come across on the water that haven't been repaired?
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