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Motor mounting question - 2015 Sundeck 2200 DC OB with Yamaha F200XB

TimKLLTimKLL Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
edited July 2018 in Engine Discussions
Requesting some feedback (message) from anyone that might have the combo in the title. I've always had some prop blowout in turns at speed, and with the hole-shot if the water is churned up. Had a rider that said the motor is too high (on 2nd hole from top). Talked to current marina mechs & they say they can only lower the motor one hole, but it doesn't matter because the boat should have a 30"shaft, instead of the 25" that is on it (they say that motor should never have been put on the boat).  The original dealer said "They're full of #$%&", and got really defensive about it.  I've read stuff, & the current marina mechs say the cav plate should be even with the bottom of the boat.  It is a few inches above it.  The orig dealer says that is not always the right way to do it.  Don't know who to believe, lost all faith in the dealer long ago - great price on the sale, everything since has been weak.  Dealer also says the motor cannot go one hole lower because of something on the bracket (it looks like they had originally tried to mount it that way, and then changed).  Dealer says to change to a 4-bladed prop ($$$), running stainless-steel 3-blade that came with it now.
2015 Hurricane Sundeck 2200 DC OB, Yamaha F200


  • cregeis1cregeis1 Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
    I have a 2015 SD2200 but with the F250 XCA and had the dealer drop it to the lowest hole to help with blowouts.  It didn’t help much and I can’t tilt the engine all of the way up because the steering mechanism will hit the mounting bracket.  

    I had had a Sundeck 187 before this boat and also dropped the engine as low as it would go but again it didn’t help much.  I did change to a 4 blade prop and that solved the problem!

    All of these boats come with the 25 inch shaft.

    How does the F200 push the boat?  We went with the F 250 for wake boarding and skiing and it is a beast although a little thirsty!
  • TimKLLTimKLL Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
    Except for the blowouts mentioned above I’m really happy with the 200.  Just tried a Turning Point SS 15 x 15 4-blade last week in OCMD. The blowouts went away, and the bite on the hole-shot was great, but had TERRIBLE prop chatter in the 600-700 RPM range. Saw lots of posts elsewhere that makes that sound common due to prop weight. At Turning Point rep’s suggestion am waiting for weather to clear to try out same dimension 4-blade prop in aluminum this week. He said I’d get same improvement without the sound like the lower unit was coming apart at low rpm
    2015 Hurricane Sundeck 2200 DC OB, Yamaha F200
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