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Hurricane Sundeck Sport 188 SS New Propeller and Trim Tabs

sternoufsternouf USAMember Posts: 1
Hi Folks, 

I had trouble finding information on both a propeller change and trim tab installation, so I'm posting my results here in hoping someone might find this of use. I have a 2011 Hurricane Sundeck Sport with a Yamaha F115. I just bought it used last season. I was pretty disappointed with the lack of power. I usually have 4-6 people on the boat and the bimini top up. Towing kids on a tube was dreadful but more tolerable with a Hot Dog. Still, I would have to shift weight (people) around on the boat to get on plane, and that was at full power. 

Here is what I installed:

Nauticus Smart Tabs:

There are a lot of posts on this product. Easy to install. Very nerve racking to drill holes into your boat that will be below the water line. Use marine grade silicon.

Solas Amita 4 - 4 blade propeller

Super easy to install. Don't order any additional parts or tools, except for maybe a prop wrench if you don't have the right socket. You can reuse everything off of the original Yamaha install and it is super easy. Exact propeller with pitch is above in link. 

The results are amazing. It rides like an entirely different boat. Now, that being said, it doesn't feel like I upgraded to a 200 HP motor. It does feel like I'm making the best use of the power that the F115 has to offer. It gets on plane much quicker, and with much less power if desired. It also will stay on plane at much lower speeds, and with much less bow rise. 

If I punch it full throttle with just my wife and I on the boat and the bimini top down, the boat would definitely cross the 6000 rpm threshold if I let it, but just barely. I weigh 175 and my wife weighs 100, so keep in mind there isn't a lot of weight there. I think with the top up and the usual mix of adults and kids on the boat, the prop will probably max out at 6000 rpms. I will report back in with an update on this when I get back on the water. 

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