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Prop for SD 237 with 350 Volvo Stern drive

forkfork USAMember Posts: 6
I have a 2002 SD 237 with a 350 cc engine and Volvo Penta stern drive. Factory aluminum prop gives a good hole shot but maximum rpm is 4000 to 4100. I have been recommended to use an Apollo 4 blade 14 X 20. Does anyone have experience with this combination.

Dan Forker


  • batman30batman30 CanadaMember Posts: 3
    I don't want to highjack Dan's thread, but I have a very similar question.  We're new to our 2003 SD 237 (from the PWC world), 350 with a Bravo One drive.  The boat cruises just on plane at 20-21mph (GPS speed) @ 2400rpm, 25mph @ 2800 and WOT is 33mph @ 4100.  This is with 2 adults and 2 small children, half tank of fuel and minimal gear on board.  I was thinking that we'd be able to get into the mph range, but we're a long way from that. 


  • forkfork USAMember Posts: 6
    I should have been more specific in my original post. The factory prop is a 141/2 X 19 three blade aluminum. Dealer provided a 141/2 X 17 three blade. The factory prop tops out at 4000rpm has a good hole shot and speed is limited to apx. 40 mph. The Apollo stainless 141/2 X 17 had much less hole shot and maybe 4300 rpm but when I trimmed to boat to maximize speed and rpm was so squirrely that I didn't care for it. I don't know what the change would be with a 4 blade 14X20.  Any suggestions from someone that has experimented with this boat and engine?
  • forkfork USAMember Posts: 6
    A specific question for Batman30. Since you have the identical boat to mine do you know what the gasoline capacity of the tank is for this boat. I want to start treating my gas for the winter and have no idea how many total gallons I'm treating. When I bought the boat it had a full tank and I haven't been able to run the bike enough to take the tank down close to empty.
  • batman30batman30 CanadaMember Posts: 3
    Dan, I believe the specs say 61gal capacity. 
  • forkfork USAMember Posts: 6
    Thanks batman, that's what I thought I had read somewhere but just couldn't believe it held that many gallons. That's almost 400 lbs of gas when full.
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