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    2006 Fun Deck GS 202 how does rear starboard locker drain?

    TxmatTxmat Member Posts: 17
    i do not see a drain hole in this locker. However when I wash it out the water does slowly drain. If it is supposed to have a hole where is it located in the locker?  Since it is draining and I don't see a drain I am concerned there may be a crack in the locker floor. Thanks for any help. 


    • TxmatTxmat Member Posts: 17
      Bump. Anyone with a GS202 know whether the starboard rear locker has a drain hole?
    • GRTomboyGRTomboy USAMember Posts: 5
      My GS201 starboard aft locker doesn't have a lining of any sort, just open to the bilge.  If yours has a crack, thats where it will go...
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