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    Trailering with Bimini Up

    Do many people trailer their boats with the Bimini in the up position instead of the lower option? I'm of course not going to trailer with the Bimini open. The lower option would be with the middle curved support by the transom of my 2013 188SS OB. 

    I've got a 2013 188SS and always towed in the the lowered position.  Raising and lowering is not overly difficult to do with two people, its just a pain.  Yesterday, I tried leaving it in the up position heading home but I lowered it after about 5 miles.  The top seems to sway a good bit more in the up location than when it is lowered.  I typically tow my boat 30-45 mins to the lake at speeds of 45-55 and never over 65mph.

    Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts.     


    • redngreedyredngreedy Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
      I have pulled mine in the up position for the last 5 years with zero problems.  I did have one of the zippers want to unzip going down the road.  I bought some velcro straps and wrap the ends and that solved the problem.
    • FoxjaminFoxjamin Member Posts: 5
      Thank you.  I'll give it a try in the up position next time out.  
    • HydroCanisHydroCanis Member Posts: 175 ✭✭
      I've started leaving it up just lately and haven't so far had any problems. My vinyl cover is loose and would flop around a lot regardless if I didn't wrap a couple of bungee cords around it.
      2003 Sundeck 217 OB, Yamaha 150 2 Stroke
      "I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. My life is my own." - Number 6

    • FoxjaminFoxjamin Member Posts: 5
      Thanks.  I may try wrapping a few bungees around to keep it from swaying too much.  That would be much easier than taking it up and down each time.  
    • gmtkgmtk Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
      I've been pulling my in the up position for two years with no issues.  Mine has straps with clips that attach to the windshield when deployed so when I stow it I use those same clips and wrap them around the poles and then to the zipper on the bimini cover and have never had an issue.
    • ThesteveThesteve Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
      I trailer from Palm Beach County to the lower Keys every year in the lower position as I get up to 70 MPH. Have had no problems. Tow around local area with it in the normal higher position with no problems. Closed with boot on. I am more worried about seat cushions flying away than anything else.
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