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    2004 SD217 electrical problems (stumped!)

    pboldenpbolden Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
    Hello Everyone,

    Below is the email that I sent my boat mechanic about electrical problems with my 2004 SD217o/b. 

    After the guys jumped the batteries to start the boat I noticed
    that I didn't have any helm instrumentation once outside your
    breakwall including the marine radio but I was able to make it to my
    marina without any engine problems.

    Once docked I wasn't able to restart the boat.  After checking
    the breakers and thinking that the under-charged

    batteries might be the problem, I filled both batteries with
    distilled water and charged them.  I was still unable to get full
    instrumentation at the helm nor any power to lower the motor.

    Checking the voltage at the battery, one maintained only an 80%
    charge while the other only a 60% charge.  I decided to replace
    the batteries with two new AGM batteries.  Here's what I can tell

    Cleaned the cables, battery leads and installed them:

    After turning the key to the acc. position there was no voltage
    registering on the helm gauge.

    The gas gauge would instantly pin to the right past full.

    Systems that worked included the horn, nav lights, courtesy lights
    and the music radio would also power up.

    The depth gauge worked intermittently.

    The marine radio did not work.

    The bilge pump would not run.

    The motor would not lower into the water or even try.

    The accessory plug registered no voltage with a multi meter.

    I check the breakers again which seem to be fine.  Cleaned
    corrosion from the fuel sender ground wire and reattached it with
    no effect (may attach ground wire to a different location and
    check again).

    The boat hasn't run since bringing it over.  Any suggestions?

    If anyone was any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


    United States Coast Guard Aux, VFC, FSO-VE


    • pboldenpbolden Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
      I forgot to mention:  Attempts were made with battery1 in isolation then battery2 then with batteries 1&2 together.  Exact same result all three times.

      United States Coast Guard Aux, VFC, FSO-VE
    • gmtkgmtk Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
      Did you check the relays back by the batteries?  Mine are mounted to the transom.  Also, did you hook up a voltage meter to the panel at the helm on the different switches?  You ignition switch will have a constant 12v hot - I would check that on a multimeter to see if it's getting power.  Really sounds like a relay or possibly some melted wires going from the battery to the helm.
    • pboldenpbolden Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
      gmtk...Thanks for the advice. 
      United States Coast Guard Aux, VFC, FSO-VE
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