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    New Boat Owner...Master Power Switch Turned off, but light still i missing something

    mdmdmdmd USAMember Posts: 8
    Could use any help...every switch in off position (down), all accessories off, but master powerswitch orange light still i draining battery...don't know how to turn light off...assume it should be off


    • FlyingV5FlyingV5 Member Posts: 150 ✭✭✭
      stuck power relay. Look for two relays hanging from wire harness behind switch panel. Note which wires go to which terminals before you unplug them. Make sure to hang new relays with terminals pointing down to prevent water collecting inside. Replacements at any auto supply.
    • ThesteveThesteve Member Posts: 45 ✭✭

      Did you check your master battery switch? usually located very near the battery.

    • mdmdmdmd USAMember Posts: 8
      Steve. So nice of you to respond. Yes I looked for one when I first saw issue but there is no switch by battery. Just traditional terminal cables and nothing I can see like a switch. It's 2013 188sd. Embarrassed to not know answer but master switch and all switches in off position but orange horizontal light still on switch itself. All my accessories work even if master switch in this down position. Main concern is just am I draining battery. Obviously don't want to disconnect battery. 
    • gmtkgmtk Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
      Is your key on?  My depth gauge powers on with the master power off and the key on.  Also, I would install a battery switch if you don't have one.  It will make sure you don't drain your batteries.  
    • steve_cadysteve_cady USAMember Posts: 1
      mdmd - I have the same problem.  Any resolution?
    • mdmdmdmd USAMember Posts: 8
      steve_cady...turned out to be a corrosion issue causing it...terminals were on last leg...actually glad i looked into it bc that master light issue was the only reason i went to look at the wiring.
    • tic1607tic1607 Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
      The issue was the battery terminal or the terminal on the power switch itself?
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