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    Hurricane SS 202 Water Ski Speed Lacking

    guyfromohioguyfromohio Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
    I purchased a brand new 2016 Hurricane SS 202 last summer.  I went through the break-in, keeping the speed low all summer.  Now that I have 15 hours, I tried water skiing.  Back in my younger, skinnier years, I was a very good slalom, trick, barefoot skier.  Today, I wanted to show my kids what skiing looks like, so I just tried two.  The boat could not get me out of the water.  I weigh 220 right now.  I thought maybe I was just too fat.  However, it couldn't pull my 110# 16 yo daughter out of the water.  Is my boat having issues or is this what I signed up for when I bought it?  A few notes:

    1) it has the 4.5 I/O 200hp engine
    2) no modifications have been done to prop or engine
    3) there was about 700lbs on the boat without a skier in the water
    4) even with no skier, it takes forever to plane
    5) I can't get a top speed over about 35/40 after trimming
    6) trimming beyond about 1/4 drops speed and makes a high-pitch noise (manual suggests nearly all the way up to cruise at speed)

    What are the thoughts?  Is there a problem?  Is this just what I bought?  Can I do anything to improve out of the hole performance?  Can a grown man generally ski behind this boat?

    thank you!


    • longlakelonglake Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
      My brother has SS 202 with a 265 hp IO and they have no problem pulling up skiers and some big boys.  I'm not sure if the lower horsepower could be part of your challenge.  The other thing to pursue would be how it's propped.
    • guyfromohioguyfromohio Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
      edited June 2017
      When I bought the boat, the dealer suggested a stainless prop to pull me skiing.  I bought the one he suggested, but have hesitated to put it on because of the lack of give that aluminum has if I was to hit something.  That being said, it's a Revolution 4 with a 21 pitch.  Does anyone think that prop will make the difference?
    • caseynettlescaseynettles Jacksonville, FLMember Posts: 69 ✭✭
      21 pitch might be too much for skiing....19 or maybe even a 17 if holes hot is what your looking for....a 200hp with a 21 is a lot of pitch IMO
    • guyfromohioguyfromohio Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
      Thanks.  I just ordered an Alpha 4 15x16.  I'll see if that helps.
    • finn5033finn5033 USAMember Posts: 6
      Thanks.  I just ordered an Alpha 4 15x16.  I'll see if that helps.
      Has this new prop worked for you? We just got our brand new 201 SS I/O with the 4.5 mercruiser and I also am not impressed with how long it takes to plane. Looking for a new prop
    • guyfromohioguyfromohio Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
      Haven't had a chance to pull the boat out to install.  Hoping to do so very soon.
    • guyfromohioguyfromohio Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
      The 16 didn't do it.  Had the mechanic work on it and he put an 18 pitch 15 1/8 diameter.  Pops right out of the water now.  Tops out about 45.
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