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    Hurricane SS 202 Water Ski Speed Lacking

    guyfromohioguyfromohio Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
    I purchased a brand new 2016 Hurricane SS 202 last summer.  I went through the break-in, keeping the speed low all summer.  Now that I have 15 hours, I tried water skiing.  Back in my younger, skinnier years, I was a very good slalom, trick, barefoot skier.  Today, I wanted to show my kids what skiing looks like, so I just tried two.  The boat could not get me out of the water.  I weigh 220 right now.  I thought maybe I was just too fat.  However, it couldn't pull my 110# 16 yo daughter out of the water.  Is my boat having issues or is this what I signed up for when I bought it?  A few notes:

    1) it has the 4.5 I/O 200hp engine
    2) no modifications have been done to prop or engine
    3) there was about 700lbs on the boat without a skier in the water
    4) even with no skier, it takes forever to plane
    5) I can't get a top speed over about 35/40 after trimming
    6) trimming beyond about 1/4 drops speed and makes a high-pitch noise (manual suggests nearly all the way up to cruise at speed)

    What are the thoughts?  Is there a problem?  Is this just what I bought?  Can I do anything to improve out of the hole performance?  Can a grown man generally ski behind this boat?

    thank you!


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