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2015 FunDeck 198RE Switch Panel Grief

I made the mistake of blowing the oak leaves out of my 2015 Fundeck 198RE with my leaf blower. It worked great, but in doing so I blew all the switches off the electrical panel left of the steering wheel. I have no idea how to properly replace them. My dealer says he can't help other than charging me an hour's shop labor to troubleshoot and the factory will not return my calls. Hurricane switch panels are changed yearly and I have no access to a 2015 for comparison. If someone with this year and model could send a photo I'd be most grateful. [email protected] or 325.388.3738.


  • drolstondrolston USAMember Posts: 3
    If you can get behind the panel to remove one of the switches, you will find a manufacturer name (probably Carley) and a part number.  Take a picture before you remove it so you know how the wires go back on.  Google the part number to find a source.  They may not all be the same; -check.  Most are easy to replace yourself, if you can get to them.  On my 2690, I just remove the four screws holding the instrument panel to the console, and lean the panel out to get to the back.  They leave enough slack, but be careful, I accidently disconnected the sonar connector to the back of the Garmin.
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