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    Smart Tabs

    CaptMike2CaptMike2 USAMember Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Has anybody else installed the Smart Tabs on their boats? What do you think?

    I installed mine and at first didn't like them but after I made an adjustment I'm really liking them.. My time to plane is just a few seconds, and I can get the trim on the engine really high (almost kicking out a roster tail!!). That gives me the most RPM and the fastest speeds. Of course I can only maintain that on really calm days.

    So between Smart Tabs AND a SS prop, she's setup good.

    A Pirate 200 years too late, the canons don't thunder there is nothing to plunder, I'm an over 50 victim of fate..


    • finn5033finn5033 USAMember Posts: 6
      Hello Mike, I am also a Mike. I know your thread is a little old but I had some questions. I just received my 2017 SS 201 I/O with the 4.5 200hp mercruiser. I was not pleased with the hole shot and struggle to get on plane when I had people in the boat. I've already ordered a new prop. Mine came with a 14/23 3 blade prop. I ordered a 14.3/19 4-blade prop. I've been doing a bunch of reading on these smart pads and am wond ring if I should put these on as well. What boat do you have? And how are you liking the smart pads?
    • mhefnermhefner Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
      I installed a set of Smart Tabs on my 99 201GS  w/Yamaha 115 two-stroke shortly after I acquired the boat in 2013.  At first I was expecting more and was somewhat ambivalent about them.  A year or so later I was able to rent a similar vintage 201GS  with a 150 Yamaha in the Keys that had no tabs.  That is when I really saw the difference. 

      The Smart Tabs allows me to get on plane easier and with less power.  Hole shot is quicker.  Easier to get a skier up and the boat on plane.  I can also throttle back more and stay on plane at a reduced speed which really makes it more comfortable for the passengers when just out sightseeing or pulling the grand kids on ride floats.  Helps with the fuel economy being able to cruise on plane at lower speeds and RPM.

      I just didn't have enough time with the boat on the water before installing the Smart Tabs to appreciate the improvement in performance.  After I fully renovated the boat in 2015 they went right back on.
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