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need to remove the top cap for transom repair is there anything else holding the cap other than the

cootercooter USAMember Posts: 5
screws around the outside 93 fundeck will all the railing need to come off and are there pick up points

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  • Team36GritTeam36Grit MississippiMember Posts: 68 ✭✭
    Mine took 2-3/4" pieces, plus an additional 1/2" where the motor bolts on. They had used a material (looked like mortar-mix) which I had to remove when rebuilding mine.

    Think about this, if your transom soaked-up water, and the stringers are fitted to the transom, some of that water was wicked into the stringers. I'd rather do it now, than wished later-on I'd have done it.
  • broneilbroneil USAMember Posts: 6
    I really need to get a question on my hurricane deck boat restoring project.  Can someone help me?
  • bradinator2bradinator2 USAMember Posts: 1
    i just completed the 87 cajun 8-month projects i recommend use sea-cast after replacing all the bad stringers its actually bulletproof and floats you wont regret it 
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