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    Full cover for 2016 SS 188 OB with bimini and ski pole?

    Does anyone have a suggestion on where to find a full cover that will work with our boat that has a ski pole and bimini top?
    I saw some on iboats, but I don't know if they work with the bimini and ski pole...
    Aside from having a custom one made for thousands of $$... any thoughts?


    • hurrig8rhurrig8r Member Posts: 54 ✭✭
      I have a 187SD outboard. Same hull, but with full windshield. I've searched exhaustively for an off-the-shelf cover and there simply isn't one. I thought I'd found one with Carver, but in the end I found it doesn't accommodate the ski pole. It did everything except the pole. It wrapped around the Bimini poles nicely. You may check with them for the 188, but I wouldn't count on it. The folks at the factory were super nice and professional and were kind enough to send me an actual photo of their cover on my specific body model (vs the stock images online).
    • PescaBenePescaBene Lake Candlewood, CTMember Posts: 62 ✭✭
      Try That's where I found my winter cover mentioned in another thread. It will be less expensive to buy a cover and then have a slot cut and bound for the ski pole.
    • chicy724chicy724 Member Posts: 9
      edited March 2017
      Thanks! The company (iBoats) that I was looking at told me flat out theirs won't work with the pole. My last message to them was that I'd consider buying it, but then having to get it customized. I don't even know where to begin on that! I guess I will locate and contact a local canvas shop. Thanks!

      Link to what they sent me, for others!:

    • fldannyfldanny Member Posts: 35 ✭✭
      Did you ever get a cover? I bought mine from carver years ago...I just pull ski pole out and take bimini off, only takes a few minutes
    • chicy724chicy724 Member Posts: 9
      We did. We had it custom made to the tune of $2k with a skirt. It offers really good protection from the sun and debris. 
      It goes over the ski pole, covers the bimini and over the engine. 
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