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    2002 sundeck 217 electrical problem

    I was out on the lake using my air pump plugged into the lighter port and it quit working along with my radio and bilge. I hit the reset and they didn't kick back on. I looked at the 4a inline fuse by the battery and it looked old but not blown. I went to replace it any ways just to be sure and the new fuse seems loose in the glass fuse holder like it's not making good contact. Was planning on replacing the inline fuse holder but I guess my question is, is that fuse likely the problem or is there something else I should be looking at for the issues I'm having?


    • bandgcarsonbandgcarson Member Posts: 3
      Well it wasn't the inline fuse, and I also found that nothing on my control panel is working. The radio, bilge, blower, nav lights and lighter plug are all not working.
    • bandgcarsonbandgcarson Member Posts: 3
      I was checking continuity of the relays on the control panel and one of the wires must not have been making good contact. I pulled the wires back to put my meter on the post and they all checked good. After pushing the wires back on all the way everything worked.
    • lazydaysx4lazydaysx4 USAMember Posts: 10
      I have a 2019 sundeck 187 OB and the same issue has happened to me.  I plugged in the cell phone charger in the charging port and the radio immediately shut off.  The transom shower isn't working as well and I am troubling shooting other areas.  Can anyone offer any suggestions as Hurricane referred me to the closest dealer who said they couldn't get to me until the Fall and I would have to bring the boat to them.  That is difficult as I did not purchase a trailer as the boat is housed under cover at a marina.  I have pulled fuses and they all look good.    
    • lazydaysx4lazydaysx4 USAMember Posts: 10
      If your issue is the same as mine, it was a broken connector where two red positive wires were piggie backed together from the breaker for the 12v accessory charger.  One of those positive wires feeds to the master switch on the left which controlled the radio, bilge, live well and transom shower. See my post and pictures under 2019 sundeck 187 electrical issue.  Everything on the right console continued to work with the broken connector.  Good luck. 
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