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location of livewell power switch on 02 hurricane gs188

Just purchased a 02 Hurricane GS188 with front livewell, but CANT find power switch for its aerator pump? Can anyone please tell me location of power switch for aerator? I have a switch on dash for lights, bilge pump, etc., but no livewell switch??? Thank You!


  • ausbill32ausbill32 USAMember Posts: 15
    I had same problem on my used boat; I couldn't read any of the rocker switches when I bought it couple of months ago but figured out a few of them.  My live well doesn't work either, I think I have a bad pump and I can't even find where it is so mine is still not working

    I have a 2004  (model 196) so this may help....on my boat to the far right... the live well is the 2nd rocker switch closest to the throttle.  Below is everything on the right side of the steering wheel panel that I could figure out ...going from left to right toward the throttle...  

    1. horn
    2. bilge pump
    3. navigation /anchor
    4. front head lights
    5. dock lights/interior
    6. live well
    7. ACC (not sure what this is yet)
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