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Project Part III

Team36GritTeam36Grit MississippiMember Posts: 68 ✭✭
Sorry to have to start another thread, #2 wouldn't allow me to post more pics.
FlyingV5 said:
Man alive! I was really impressed until I realized it's April 1st.
Not sure I follow, what exactly do you see as being a "joke"? Anyway, got parts ordered to get the motor back together, and the mid-section painted this AM. [img]photo P4020006_zpswqivurrb.jpg[/img] [img]photo P4020007_zpsmyxwznpg.jpg[/img]


  • FlyingV5FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭
    Team36Grit, please excuse previous post. As you note, editing posts is not possible else I would have deleted that as soon as I sobered up. Your custom boat build is amazing.
  • Team36GritTeam36Grit MississippiMember Posts: 68 ✭✭
    LOL, no problem, I get a bit wobbly myself sometimes. Thanks!
  • Team36GritTeam36Grit MississippiMember Posts: 68 ✭✭
    Well, have had boat in the water twice after installing . For the issues it had, it ran surprisingly well. I knew it had a charging issue (as in wasn't charging start battery), so I pulled the flywheel and found damaged stator. It's evidently a common problem for the magnets to let loose from the flywheel, and cause carnage underneath. Boat/P4250001_zpsssf2mhrw.jpg Boat/P4250002_zpsy9b44uz3.jpg So, new stator, rectifier/regulator, and since replacement magnets aren't available for these 60 degree "Looper" motors, a good used flywheel from down on the coast. installed all those, and she fired right-up, and now am showing a good charge to the battery. Was also having an idling/timing issue (idle speed is controlled by timing) which I was hoping this would also resolve. It helped, but not fully fixed. So as I had it running, it would idle, but not properly. Pulled all 3 plug wires off the port bank of cylinders that didn't make a difference. So now, it looks like I'll be replacing the power pack, which I can get in "kit" form with optic sensor and plug wires, which I plan to do. Last Friday when I had it on the water, prior to finding the power pack issue, I hit 39.5MPH at WOT which with being way over-propped (24 Raker that came on motor) at just over 4,000 RPM. Had no issued getting up on plane, so I was happy with that, and with the power pack being bad and playing a role in timing, I hope that resolves the idle/timing issues as well, then I can start working on finding the correct pitched prop.
  • Team36GritTeam36Grit MississippiMember Posts: 68 ✭✭
    Well, looks like my pic posting luck is back.... photo P4250002_zpsy9b44uz3.jpg photo P4250001_zpsssf2mhrw.jpg
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