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    2011 SD 2200 circuit breaker problems

    jfkazmjfkazm Member Posts: 1
    First, hello all!  Just found this forum today and already have learned a lot from it.  I have a 2011 Sundeck 2200 with the fishing package which until recently has given me zero problems, that is, until I screwed up big time.  We had been out of town for some time and when we returned the batteries were dead on the boat so I decided to replace them.  Long story short, I temporarily hooked up the new batteries wrong and shorted the darned system, so much that I had to replace the ignition module on the dash (it was burned up). 

    After correcting the battery wiring I now have 2 problems. First, the dealer installed Garmin GPS won't work...the circuit breaker is popped out, and when I push it back in to reset it it just pops out again.  How do you actually change the fuse?  Important down here in SW FL because we have a lot of shallow water...really need the depth feature on the GPS.

    Second, my fuel gauge doesn't work always registers that the tank is full when the key is turned on (it goes to zero with the key off but straight to full when the key is on (and I know the tank is actually less than half full).

    Any ideas?  I don't really understand electronics much at all, but these seem to be (hopefully) relative minor issues. The rest of the electronics seem to be working fine.

    Oh, one last thing.  Are there 3rd party sources for Hurricane parts?  It appears you have to buy everything (even trim parts, etc.) from the dealer...generally not a great idea due to their crazy markups.

    Any help appreciated!


    • M99M99 Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
      Since you mentioned that you are not good with electronics, you are going to need to find a mechanic that is. What happened when you hooked up the batteries wrong was that you shorted out or cooked from reverse polarity, a variety of things. How to fix each system is a matter of being able to "wring out" the actual wiring for each system. It depends on how they were originally connected. A GPS should have a separate circuit breaker or in line fuse, but that may or may not have protected it from reverse polarity. Fuses and Circuit breakers will pop from the heat of too much amperage, but not from reverse polarity. The GPS itself may or may not have internal protection from that.  The same holds true with each system in the boat, and someone is going to have to go through them one at a time to figure out exactly what is now bad in each system.
    • thekurwomanthekurwoman Member Posts: 7
      Same question - where do I get a new fuse from?
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