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    Live well on my 2011 Hurricane 188 sport Sundeck

    33b33b Member Posts: 12
    Live well pump comes on but doesn't fill live well. Does ball valve in bilge at transom have to be open. I know it drains live well,but is it also a fill ?

    Best Answer


    • 33b33b Member Posts: 12
      Thanks a bunch.
    • M99M99 Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
      If the live well pump still doesn't prime, leave the pump turned on and run the boat in reverse for a few minutes. That helps prime it.
    • pineypiney TexasMember Posts: 45 ✭✭
      I havent had any success running the boat in reverse.  There's a really old thread here about having to replumb the hose.  The thread implies that the discharge side is too low and drains the water (its prime).  Changing the hose position might  fix it.
      Anyone try this ?
    • JbrastJbrast USAMember Posts: 3
      My live well on my 2012 188S doesn't fill/drain or aerate. I can hear the pump running when the switch is turned on. To be honest, I don't even know where it drains to or fills from. Is there any documentation/schematic showing any of this?
    • PescaBenePescaBene Lake Candlewood, CTMember Posts: 62 ✭✭
      @Jbrast , this is common issue I think the hose gets an air lock.  The best way I found to get it working is to put the switch in recercirclate mode and put a garden hose in the drain. Run the hose until you get a steady flow from the fill spout.  You could also fill the well with a bucket and put it in recerculate.  Once the flow gets going change to fill mode.  Note: the flowrite system is a bit confusing. Fill will keep water in the well when you are still, once underway the well will empty.  The only way to hold water is to keep the switch on recirculate.  
    • JbrastJbrast USAMember Posts: 3
      Thanks for the reply. I actually filled it with a bucket while I was underway and turned it on nut got nothing. Then when I went back to doc, I pulled the drain plug and it wouldn't drain. I'm not even sure where it drains to.. (new boat owner). I saw something in the manual about turning it on and running the boat in reverse for some reason. I'm not quite grasping it. 
    • PescaBenePescaBene Lake Candlewood, CTMember Posts: 62 ✭✭
      It won't drain in recirculate. Running in reverse is supposed push water into the system but there is a cover to keep debris from getting sucked in and the valve sucks from the bottom. That makes it hard for reverse to pus water in.  Mine does not have a drain plug, it's a screen. Try the garden hose method.  Put the hose in the drain, and turn it on while the system is in recirculate.  If there is an airlock it will blow it out.  Be patient it takes a lot of water to fill the hose.   The flow rite system drains through the pump and out the same hose as the intake.  
    • Riloo99Riloo99 USAMember Posts: 1
      I bought my boat brand new in 2011. The livewell has NEVER worked. I've taken it back to the dealer and they said it was working but it wasn't. It does not work if I run the boat in reverse. This issue seems to be very widespread and we as customers should not accept this. Hurricane - what is the fix????
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