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    Anchor light tube

    skidtrashskidtrash Member Posts: 60 ✭✭
    any idea where I can buy a new anchor light tube for a 14' 187? Mine had a minor run in with the top of my garage door........Garage 1 Anchor light 0


    • cjjjdeckcjjjdeck Northern NJMember, Moderator Posts: 1,254 ✭✭✭✭
      Ouch!  I've found similar hardware and light parts that work with the original light, but I have yet to find the angled pole like the one used on Hurricanes.  You may want to just contact your dealer for the replacement.
      2012 SD237 I/O Mercruiser 5.0L MPI ECT/ Bravo 3
      2012 Load Rite Elite Tandem axle trailer

    • skidtrashskidtrash Member Posts: 60 ✭✭
      I went to the dealer and picked one up today... NOT CHEAP!  as a warning to all... dont break this! lol
    • cjjjdeckcjjjdeck Northern NJMember, Moderator Posts: 1,254 ✭✭✭✭
      Can I assume you had to buy the entire assembly and not just the pole? 
      2012 SD237 I/O Mercruiser 5.0L MPI ECT/ Bravo 3
      2012 Load Rite Elite Tandem axle trailer

    • skidtrashskidtrash Member Posts: 60 ✭✭
      yea...just screws back on with the original hardware 
    • skidtrashskidtrash Member Posts: 60 ✭✭
      well.. my wires go through my bimini so i have to cut the plug thats attached and re attach the wiring as well 
    • HydroCanisHydroCanis Member Posts: 175 ✭✭
      I picked up a Perko generic replacement because it had a curved mounting piece that I'd thought would fit the Bimini pole surface. It did, but the screw distance was slightly different and I had to enlarge the holes sideways away from one another to get a decent fit. It has an adjustable angle and works fine, but I'd not do that again. It wasn't exactly cheap either.
      2003 Sundeck 217 OB, Yamaha 150 2 Stroke
      "I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. My life is my own." - Number 6

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