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    2004 fundeck 201 with volvo 5.0 gs not reaching top speed

    jt3kidsjt3kids Member Posts: 15

    hey all.  first of all I have to say that I have literally tried everything.  an engine dyno guy looked at it, and a boat mechanic.  all the 'quick', 'simple' things have been checked and re-checked.  engine timing, spark, fuel, new carb, everything adjusted, timing advance, etc,etc,etc.  I can barely get to 4400rpm ( spec is 4800).  and top speed in my 201 with 225hp Volvo 5.0 is 38 - 40 ( on gps).  and that's with just me, and no gas.  14.5 inch prop, 19 deg.  what the heck is wrong.  this boat used to fly.  new plugs, dist cap, fuel filter ( tested pressure).  8deg BTDC, with total of 28deg timing advance.  does anyone know the top speed of this boat?   I can't find any  information.   I did seem to gain rpm today after disconnecting tach, then putting it back.  the boat only got to 3400, now does 4400.  can the tach really cause that many problems?  either way this boat will only do 40 mph.  any and all help will be 100% appreciated.  Jim


    • jt3kidsjt3kids Member Posts: 15

      on another note.  outdrive I think is 1.60 gear ratio.  Volvo penta sx.  kept in fresh water.  I have a feeling if I can get to 4800 I could get close to maybe 44 mph.  this engine has been 100% gone through.  compression is perfect, tested today.  new carb with same jets as original.  14 inches of vacuum at intake.  no vacuum advance on this boat.  would like to know what other gs 201's with 5.0 liter are getting for speed.  thanks again..
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