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    Broken Head Door on 2007 SD 217 O/B

    lrkrevorlrkrevor Member Posts: 2

    All of the screws have fallen out of the two hinges on the Head door.  Dealer repaired once before, but problem is back and worse.  Hinges seem secure on the wall side.  Suggestions for a reliable fix?  


    • cjjjdeckcjjjdeck Northern NJMember, Moderator Posts: 1,254 ✭✭✭✭

      If it's just a matter of replacing the screws and there's no door damage, I would dab either silicone or a polyether sealant onto the screws before re-installing them.  That should prevent them from backing out.  I did this on my swim platform swim ladder door that the screws kept loosening on and it has held fine.

      2012 SD237 I/O Mercruiser 5.0L MPI ECT/ Bravo 3
      2012 Load Rite Elite Tandem axle trailer

    • lrkrevorlrkrevor Member Posts: 2

      Thanks, cjjjdeck, but I don't think that will do it.  This is the second time (at least) and the holes in the door are pretty stripped out.  Thinking we may need to drill through and bolt it with some reinforcement.  This can't be the first time this has happened as the hinge screws are pretty small and don't go very deep into the door.  Thoughts and ideas?

    • nquirknquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 674 ✭✭✭✭

      @lrkrevor‌.  I don't know the specifics of this but is it possible that on the side where it is stripped that you could get behind it to reinforce it with something structural such as a small strip of metal to fasten to that won't pull out from the screws.  Essentially a strip of metal similar to the hinge itself, predrilled with slightly smaller holes that would then grip to?

      2010 Hurricane SS 188 OB
      2010 Mercury Optimax 200HP / Mercury SS High Five 19P
      2010 Trailmaster SC trailer
    • HydroCanisHydroCanis Member Posts: 175 ✭✭

      I would use SS bolts through a bracket on the back at least as large as the hinge, but that's just because I'd never want to have to repair it again.

      2003 Sundeck 217 OB, Yamaha 150 2 Stroke
      "I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. My life is my own." - Number 6

    • bshippjrbshippjr Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭

      This happened to my 217 as well about two years ago.  I filled the holes with Marine-Tex epoxy putty and re-mounted the hinges.  No issues since. 

      2000 Hurricane SD 217 OB
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