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    2001 Hurricane 187 Fundeck Captian Chair Pedestal Replacement

    I would like to replace the current fixed height Springfield pedestal with a new telescopic swivel for the captain's chair. I tried to remove the existing 9 screws in the pedestal and they would not come out, they all just turned. I am assuming that there are nuts installed on the screws from the factory. Unfortunately I see no access to the nuts under the floor. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to either replace the pedestal or if there is some kind of adapter available to extend the height of the current pedestal?  


    • FlyingV5FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭
      rglippa, when the screws holding the cleats onto the corners of my FD196 were loose, the shop had to remove the seats and cut access holes under the seats where the plugs would not show to get to the nuts with a wrench. They had been installed before the top and bottom hull moldings were joined. You may need to do something similar, but first try looking for access inside the helm console. Perhaps a long bent wrench through the hole for the steering cables, or from the rear battery access hatch?
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