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    getting to fuel tank on 196fd

    powerhousepowerhouse Plant City, FLMember Posts: 39 ✭✭
    Launched boat yesterday, boat got through the long no wake fine but as soon as we got in open water we could not get on plane.  Seems like it's starving for fuel and primer bulb collapses.  Opened fuel cap with no change, so I'm moving on to pick up tube.  Anyone dealt with removing fuel lines and pick up on this model, looks like very tight quarts and not a direct opening to pick up or sending unit.  I think I may have to cut a bigger hole and put a square hatch instead of the small circular port. 
    2002 FD196F/Yamaha 115


    • billnkarenbillnkaren Member Posts: 4
      First thing to check is that primer bulb. there are two springs in there and  an old bulb can be a problem. P.S. Don't buy those after market bulbs, Buy a bulb made by your engine manufacturer. and when you prime your engine make sure the bulb is facing up as you prime.
    • kansaslakebumkansaslakebum Member Posts: 3
      In PDB magazine there was an article (probably a paid article) about a "better" primer bulb from It is supposed to be more environmentally friendly. It is not encased in rubber like most primer bulb and supposed to work in cold temperatures. I like my new Bluskies primer but have not tried in cold temperatures yet. Be sure to check ALL hose sizes. The primer bulb and the hose sizes (that I could see) were 3/8". However when I connected to fuel tank on my 2001 SD237, I learned the tank connection was 5/16" and the previous owner done a "number" to crimp a 3/8" hose onto a 5/16" connection. I had to scramble to find adapter fittings
    • OV59OV59 Member Posts: 10
      If it's anything like my 2000 model 226, you will need to cut an access hole to reach the part of the tank where the hoses attach.  Before you go down that road, replace the bulb and the hose sections you can access.  Alchohol in fuel and particularly UV contribute to delaminate on inside hoses and the effectively collapse from the inside and it's no obvious from the exterior.  You might also check the fuel filters and pump on the engine.  On some engines there are multiple on board filters.
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